About Rockport

What is close

  • Conn Brown Harbor - access for deep water Gulf of Mexico fishing
  • Cove Harbor - dry stack storage, quick access to the Intracoastal, Estes Flats, Redfish and Aransas Bays, Lydia Ann Channel and more, covered in water slips coming soon
  • Goose Island State Park - access to St. Charles Bay, Mesquite Bay, Intracoastal, and Aransas Bay, San Antonio Bay
  • Connie Hagar Cottage Sanctuary - Although diminutive (a little over 6 acres), the Connie Hagar Cottage Sanctuary contains a surprising assortment of habitats. Multitudes of vireos, warblers, grosbeaks, flycatchers, and thrushes may jam the woods during a spring grounding, and the bordering grassy fields are frequently packed with Dickcissels, assorted sparrows, and buntings (Painted included).
  • Aransas National Wildlife Refuge - Rockport is also the base for several boats that visit the feeding areas of the Whooping Crane at Aransas NWR in the winter, and various nesting islands for colonial waterbirds in the summer.
  • Aransas Woods - During “fallouts,” coastal mottes such as Aransas Woods offer food and protection to thousands upon thousands of weary landbirds who might otherwise perish if forced to continue inland to the nearest contiguous forests. Goose Island State Park, Connie Hagar Sanctuary, and Aransas Woods are vital links in the migration chain, and no spring trip to the Texas coast is complete without a visit to these coastal woods.
  • Rockport Beach Park - Blue Wave certified, picnic areas, boat launch and more
  • Rockport-Fulton - rated as a top 10 artist colony
  • Close to Port Aransas, Mustang Island, Padre Island National Seashore, The Lexington, Texas State Aquarium
  • Close to several excellent golf courses including Rockport Country Club

Area Attractions

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge - The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1937 to protect the vanishing wildlife of coastal Texas. It is an ever-changing land and is still being shaped by the waters and storms of the Gulf of Mexico.

This 70,504-acre refuge is made up of the Blackjack Peninsula, named for its scattered blackjack oaks, and three satellite units. Grasslands, live oaks, and redbay thickets cover deep, sandy soils. Ringed by tidal marshes and broken by long, narrow ponds, Aransas is home for cranes, alligators, deer, and many other species of wildlife.

You will find the refuge to be an excellent place for observing and studying wildlife and plants. The following facilities are available for visitors:

  • 16-mile, paved tour road.
  • Wildlife Interpretive Center.
  • 40-foot observation tower.
  • Several miles of walking trails.
  • Picnic area.

Fulton Mansion - George and Harriet Fulton must have amazed their neighbors when they began construction in 1874 on their spacious and extravagant home overlooking the Aransas Bay. Completed in 1877, the house featured ornate trim work and furnishings and the latest technological conveniences including modern plumbing, central heating and a gas lighting system. Restored in the early 1980s, the architectural landmark is open for visitors. Staff at the mansion will greet you with warm Texas hospitality that mirrors the graciousness originally extended by the Fultons.

Goose Island State Park - Goose Island State Park, 321.4 acres, surrounded by the St. Charles and Aransas Bays, is located north of Rockport in Aransas County. Although located on Aransas Bay, there is no swimming area at this park. The shoreline is comprised of concrete bulkhead, oyster shell, mud flat, and marsh grass. The main recreational activities are camping, excellent birding, and fishing (the park participates in the "Loan A Tackle Program" and lends out fishing tackle to visitors.) Other activities include picnicking, boating (motors allowed), nature study, wildlife observation, and photography. Tours: Guided nature hikes are held year round. Guided birding tours are held from January through April.

Rockport Beach Park - City park with a Blue Wave rating. Park has a boat launch area, swimming beach, piers, picnic areas and pavilions.

Rockport Center for the Arts - Rockport Center for the Arts boasts a state-of-the-art main gallery as the result of building renovations and expansions in 1998 and 2000. The two parlor galleries are now dedicated entirely to the works of its member artists, while the main gallery allows the Center to broaden its horizons. The invited and curated exhibitions in this gallery include the works of regional, national, and internationally acclaimed artists (which does not exclude some of Rockport's own outstanding artists). In 2000 the Garden Gallery was added, allowing the Center for the first time to simultaneously feature three distinct exhibitions, at times displaying over 100 original works of art.

Texas Maritime Museum - The Texas Maritime Museum's mission is to excite and educate the public about Texas' rich maritime history. Since the days of the Karankawa Indians, the Texas Coast has been a valuable part of history regionally, statewide, nationally, and internationally.

Aquarium at Rockport Harbor - The mission of the Aquarium is to provide an educational and entertaining visitor experience, for both adults and children, and to promote the understanding, conservation, and stewardship of the marine resources and environments along the Texas Gulf Coast. Theme-based aquariums provide visitors with views of jetties, oyster reefs, offshore rigs, and seagrass meadows. Additional smaller tanks offer special environments for local species as required. Display cases display shell collections, numerous hands-on activities are available for children, and ample free literature covers the gamut from hurricanes to safe boating and from fish IDs to fish recipes.


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