Park Guidelines:

SPEED LIMIT: 5 MPH – Please watch for children playing
QUIET TIME:  10:00 PM to 7:00 AM

1.  Fees:
Payment for site services is due on the first of each month.  There is a five-day grace period; however, payments made on the 6th of each month will incur a $35.00 late fee PLUS an additional late fee of $10 every day thereafter.

2.  RV Sites:
All rates are based on one to two (1-2) person occupancy, plus two (2) underage children. Up to six (6) people may occupy a site, but extra person charges will apply.
RV’s must be well maintained and sites uncluttered. Toys and other small items must be removed each day and stored inside the RV. Storage of any type is prohibited unless RV is skirted.
Clotheslines are not permitted. No refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, or exercise equipment are to be hooked up or stored anywhere within the Park.

3.  Sewer Connections: 
All sewer connections must be sealed with a rubber donut or screw-in fitting per Aransas County Health Department regulations.
This park is on an aerobic septic system so please do not throw anything down the toilet except toilet paper (even if the package says it is flushable, it isn’t in an aerobic system).

4.  Pets: 
There is a limit of (2) pets per site. Vicious or noisy pets will NOT be permitted at A Bay Breeze RV Park. Pets must be leashed at all times and NOT be unattended at any time!Management reserves the right to call Aransas County Animal Control if pets are loose within the park. All pet owners are responsible for their animal’s behavior, containment, and removal of the animal’s waste. No pets will be allowed in any public buildings at the park (service animals excluded). We reserve the right to cancel or refuse permission for any pet we deem to be aggressive. Pets are to be kept inside after 10:00 pm.

5.  Garbage: 
Please use plastic bags with ties to eliminate odor and insects. Do NOT leave trash bags outside your RV.  Ferrell cats, raccoons and other wild animals will scatter the trash. All garbage is to be placed inside the dumpster located at the front entrance!

6.  Outdoor fires:  All outdoor fires must be contained in a commercial fire pit or BBQ grill.  No burning of trash is permitted. Fires must not be left unattended and must be extinguished when done.

7.  Extra Vehicles:  RV sites may have one (1) car or truck on site. Arrangements must be made through the office for additional cars or trucks.  Storage of trailers or other vehicles will incur an additional monthly fee.  DO NOT PARK ANY VEHICLE IN A VACANT SPACE!  ADDITIONAL CHARGES WILL BE APPLIED.

8.  Pool Area:
Glass is not permitted in the pool area.  SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK; THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.
Shower before you enter the pool.(This is to remove dirt, perspiration, body oils and/or perfumes, and other substances that may contaminate the water.)
Running, diving, and horseplay in the pool and pool area are not allowed. A supervising adult must accompany children under 14 to the pool area and must remain with them the entire time.

9.  Showers: Please clean up after yourself; remove your hair and any debris left behind.  Please respect that showers are designated “Men” and “Women” and wait your turn if your shower is in use.

10. Public Areas:
You are welcome to make appropriate “donations” to these areas, but please do NOT remove any items such as cookware, dishes, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

11. Smokers: 
No smoking or vaping in the common areas is allowed at any time!  Smokers must be downwind and at least 15 feet away from all common areas.  Please dispose of the butts in a proper manner and DO NOT THROW THEM ON THE GROUND!

12. Alcohol:  No glass bottles are allowed in the common areas.  Please keep this within the confines of your site.  An exception to this would be an officially planned park activity that states “BYOB”.

13. Business: 
Do not conduct business, sell, or offer to sell any  merchandise or services on the park grounds without permission of the management.

14. Noise: 
Radios, TV’s, CD and/or DVD players, and other electronic devices should be kept at a reasonable volume at all times.  No loud or profane language will be allowed.  Please be mindful of the close proximity of your neighbors and be respectful of them at all times.

15. Liability: 
A Bay Breeze RV Park will NOT be responsible for accidents, injuries, or loss of property by fire, theft, wind, or other acts of God.  We recommend that you obtain insurance coverage for such events. We reserve the right to evict you for failure to follow these rules and to withhold all refunds that might otherwise have been due to you.